Short Story

December 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

One day Pablo lost his imagination.  You wouldn’t think this a problem, but can you imagine losing that very thing which you are now using to think what it would be like to lose the thing you are using to think what it would be like to lose?  You wouldn’t even know that it had been lost, and moreover, you wouldn’t know what was lost. That’s how Pablo felt. Except for the weight of brute literality, Pablo had no care.



June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Perhaps the best piece of writing in Boring Formless Nonsense. It appears as the first footnote of chapter two:

Scatology (a/k/a coprology) is the study of shit. Or more broadly, it’s the study of shit that has happened. But let’s not get too figurative just yet. Let’s get our hands dirty. Let’s review the various kinds of shit there are (avoiding for now that human kind): For that which comes in bulk we say “dung,” while individually it’s “droppings.”  When it belongs to cattle there’s “tath,” cows it’s “bodewash,” and of course (though this is flirting with the figurative) there’s the ubiquitous “bull shit.” Deer get a more refined term—“fewmets”—but it’s nothing like the “frass” of insects, or even better, an otter’s “spraint.” Undomesticated carnivores leave “scat,” stony shores gather the “guano” of seabirds, while foxes eject “billitting,” hawks launch “mutes,” and dogs, well they just “scumber.” (It’s worth mentioning here that playing with shit is the exclusive right of neither science nor lunacy but belongs, in addition to the realm of pure curiosity, to spatilomancy, a practice concerned less with things such as diet and behaviour than with divination.) For the names and other honorifics given to human shit and shitting I refer you to the exhaustive (and alphabetized) list provided at